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Is Your Workplace as Safe as it Could Be?

Health and safety protocols are an essential component of any organisation since everyone deserves to work in a safe environment. These procedures ensure that employees’ day-to-day activities at work, whether they work in an office or on a construction site, go without a hitch. For this reason, Alva¬†Group has put together this list of the top eight health and safety essentials for every workplace.

Risk Assessments

All organisations are required by law to undertake risk assessments if there are potential workplace dangers. A plan of action must be created for each danger, starting with the most significant risks. Risk assessments frequently result in the improvement of a business by identifying long-term solutions to problems that pose the greatest risk to the well-being of staff members, such as preventing slips and falls.

Sufficient Lighting

Although it may seem simple, adequate lighting is crucial for worker safety both inside and outside the office or other work areas. Where appropriate, employ sufficient lighting for various manual operations, such as fluorescent lighting in areas where natural light is insufficient.

Good Hygiene and Cleanliness

Every employee needs a clean workspace. This is to prevent germs and bacteria that could lead to the spread of illness among staff members. Make sure your building and work environment, flooring, fixtures, and furniture are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.

Fire Safety Protocol

Fire hazards and those who are at risk will be identified by a fire risk assessment. Each new employee must go through an introduction and evacuation procedure before being allowed to work. A staff member who is in charge of summoning emergency services, keeping a list of everyone present, and evacuating the building or area in the event of a fire should also be present.

Manual Labour Safety

Ladders, lifting, and other manual labour activities are common in workplaces such as factories and construction sites, so it’s crucial to follow all safety precautions. Use the Lockout Tagout system or combination padlocks to restrict access to specialised equipment, and make sure that it is used safely and stored in a secure location.

Acceptable Level of Noise

Workplace noise issues can be obtrusive and annoying. It may be necessary to bring up this issue with your employer if you have to shout in order to conduct a discussion or if outside noise enters your workspace. Wear hearing protection if you use loud equipment or operate with loud noises.

Electrical Safety

A thorough electrical risk assessment should be conducted along with the proper installation and testing of electrical equipment. For electrical machinery, an isolator or switch should be placed close to each piece of equipment so that it may be shut off in an emergency. If you find any damaged cables or plug sockets in your workstation, you should cover them, label them “do not use,” and then replace them.

Staff Wellbeing

Every business prioritises employee health, so it’s critical to make sure that employees are asking for assistance when they need it. In order to encourage a positive workplace culture, make sure your organisation has an HR department equipped to handle problems relating to employees’ mental health and general well-being.

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