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Health & Safety

Putting Health & Safety First

Our Health & Safety services create a less hazardous and more productive working environment. By taking the health and safety of your employees seriously, you can demonstrate your commitment to each team member, and show that their time and efforts are valued. Employees will respond with increased loyalty and productivity. ALVA GROUP provides a full range of professional consultant services, including safety files, safety audits and safety officer support. In each instance, the outcome is peace of mind (achieved through compliance with all relevant OHS-related legislation) and a safer workplace for a more productive workforce.

ALVA GROUP's Occupational Health & Safety Services Include:

  • Health And Safety Consulting
  • Construction Health And Safety Consulting
  • ISO 45001 Implementation And Auditing
  • Health And Safety (H&S) Programme Development
  • Workplace Inspections / Audits
  • Hazard & Risk Assessments
  • Toolbox Talks And Safety Meetings
  • Covid-19 Risk Assessments
  • Knee and Foot Dispensing Units, Sanitizers and Disinfectants, Masks and Combat Kits
  • Accident / Incident Investigation And Reporting
  • Occupational Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Permits To Work
  • Ensuring Employer/ Employee Legislative Compliance
  • Maintenance Of H&S Systems
  • Safety officer placement for short & long placement
  • Electronic system management & monitoring

Let ALVA help you with occupational health & safety


Our Health & Safety engagement with clients always begins with a GAP analysis, aimed at understanding your business. We ensure that we can deliver optimum solutions. We have excellent working relationships with key service providers in the Quality, Environmental and Training fields. Their expertise and experience makes one-stop Health & Safety service solutions a practical reality.

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