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There is much more at stake when parents choose a school for their kids than just their education. The children’s health and safety are more important than the school’s ethos, extracurricular activities, and geographic location.

Here are a few short and simple questions to help you assess your health and safety risk and to prepare for potential safety concerns.

Have you reviewed your emergency evacuation plan within the last twelve months?

Every time your floorplan changes, you should review and update your emergency procedure plan. Fire escape plans should be created, evaluated, and updated in accordance with the specifications and should include information regarding assembly areas, evacuation routes, emergency equipment and phone numbers.

When was the last time you trained the people who work and reside on your premises?

Everyone who joins your staff or stays on your site should receive training on emergency evacuation procedures. This protocol should be remembered every time a new staff member joins the team.

Do you have a fire protection committee?

At your facility, we advise creating an emergency committee to help with planning fire safety programmes and evacuation drills. The committee should be provided with the tools necessary to carry out safety drills as planned.

Are your emergency exit doors compliant?

Your building should have emergency exit doors that open into an open area of land and in the direction you intend to flee. Verify that the doors are distinctly marked and directionally signposted.

Is your firefighting equipment maintained and well-marked?

Signage identifying the position and direction of the equipment installations for firefighting equipment should be used. To guarantee that everything is in working order and is clearly visible in case it is needed, this equipment and signage are legally required to undergo routine maintenance.

When did you last practise an evacuation?

Drills for emergency evacuation plans should be conducted at least once every six months. To make sure that no one misses this crucial training exercise, compile and maintain an updated drill registration that includes roll call. On request, a firefighter ought to be able to look over your drill log.

Over the years, Alva has devoted itself to providing services with honesty, consistency, and a commitment to serving the communities, businesses, and institutions for which we have worked. Everything we do is guided by our responsibility to make the world safer. Alva Group is committed to altering the mindset of those we interact with so that clients are aware that health and safety compliance is a must following the completion of each project, inspection, audit, or meeting.

We are available to assist you if you are unclear about any of these responses. Alva provides hassle-free health and safety compliance services that are effective and efficient. Contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

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