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Why a First Aid Certification is Important

Having a team member in the workplace who has a first aid certification can mean the difference between life and death. It can be unpleasant to talk about accidents, but since they do happen, it is better to be ready for anything. Accidents can occasionally be fatal or extremely dangerous. Time is not on your side in an emergency as it only takes the human brain six minutes to die from a lack of oxygen.

There is a severe lack of paramedic and ambulance resources in South Africa. This frequently implies that these life-saving resources are delayed in an emergency. An employee who has received professional certification in workplace first aid can save the injured person’s life in the event of an emergency. Your employee might be able to keep someone alive long enough for the emergency services to come if they can assess the situation and take charge.

Some Major Benefits of First Aid Training in the Workplace are:

  1. Employees that have undergone training are better equipped to assist in a variety of emergency scenarios. Your employee’s knowledge and abilities in first aid treatment can become a vital tool to support not only the injured person but also the professional emergency responders, as the first aiders frequently keep the patients alive until they get there if someone has a heart attack or a stroke. Whether first aid or CPR is administered promptly can frequently have a direct impact on the patient’s likelihood of survival.
  2. First aid enables the proper form of medical assistance to be given in an emergency. You have a worker on staff who is able as well as willing to help. It is well known that trained first responders are an essential link in the chain of survival.
  3. When an emergency occurs, someone with a first aid certification can increase the patient’s chances of recovering, which benefits both the patient and the business by reducing downtime, replacement costs, insurance and medical aid claims, reputational harm, and other costs.

What First Aid Certification is a Legal Requirement for All Companies?

  • According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993, an employer is required to take all reasonably necessary measures to guarantee that employees receive prompt first aid treatment at work in the case of an injury or medical emergency.
  • A sufficient first aid box that is accessible in the workplace for the treatment of the injured must be provided if there are more than 5 employees working at one location.
  • A first aider is required if there are more than 10 employees working at one location, and after that, the employer must make sure there is at least one person on hand during regular business hours who is in possession of a valid first aid certificate issued by an organisation recognised by the chief inspector of the Department of Labour for each group of up to 50 employees at that location.

Your first aid training and equipment requirements will be addressed if you choose a respected, accredited and experienced occupational health and safety training service provider. This ensures that you are ready and capable of saving a life, and protects you from unpleasant legal costs.

What is First Aid NQF Level 1?

There are 3 different first aid courses with different titles, NQF levels, credits, and outcomes. First Aid NQF Level 1 is the first aid course that we advise all workplace delegates to take, as the other two first aid courses (NQF Level 2 and 3) have a SETA entry requirement that necessitates that delegates take a SETA-accredited HIV/AIDS course before enrolling in the first aid NQF Level 2 and 3 courses.

This course involves:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology;
  • Assess an emergency situation;
  • Apply emergency first aid procedures to the life-threatening situation;
  • Treat common injuries

In order to ensure that our clients receive up-to-date, competent, and high-quality training, Alva Group offers approved health and safety (H&S) training. Our training instructors have a wealth of real-world experience and are experts in first aid, CPR, firefighting, and health and safety training. Our training sessions include both the most recent academic course material as well as substantial practical content and scenario training, ensuring exposure to both the theoretical and practical.

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